What do we do?

The STEM Project aims to expose driven and motivated individuals to exponential technology and future thinking. We believe that age is never a barrier. By bringing together the brightest minds, we want to teach and train young innovators to help drive future developments that create impact in our world. As part of the program, students will:

Who are we looking for?

Summer 2021 Program! — APPLICATIONS OPEN 🎉

For 4 weeks, students will dive deep into different exponential technologies/topics while working in a collaborative environment to build their knowledge. In addition students will learn valuable soft skills such as presentation skills, content creation, writing articles on complex issues and much more. ⚠ Limited Space Available ⚠ — Applications close July 5th (7/5)

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Week 1: Gene Editing - During the first week of the program, students will dive deep into cell biology and genetics. Curriculum includes different gene editing technologies such as CRIPSR, Prime Editing and TALENs. During the first week, students will also be introduced to Figma, a design application used by the top companies in the world. There will be presentations on different projects at the end of the week.

Some Interesting Resources about Gene Editing:

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